Chris – Activity Leader – Summer 2013 “Encountering God in the ‘Woods”

DSC_0138 “Encountering God in the ‘Woods”Hobo Dinner (14)

During the last days of camp in 2012 (my first summer at Riverwoods), my group of teens experienced God in a tent on a camp out:

My teens had visions and physically felt Gods presence in ways they had never before.

Week one of  Summer Camp 2013, I brought two camper groups camping.  The other counselors and I told stories about spiritual breakthrough, angelic visitations and other God encounters. When there were about eight kids left around the fire that night, I went deeper into detail about my previous powerful moments with God (since it was mostly older kids still

there that could better understand what I wanted to teach them).

They told me that they wanted to experience the kinds of things we shared in our stories, so I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to move and God to come. That night, a kid described feeling a hand (possibly that of an angel) on his back and got healed from an illness, and I prophesied over them and it was clear that God really showed up to meet with us.

On the second to last week of camp I took some other counselors’ (CJ, Pierre, and Phillip) groups out camping.

We went straight into telling the same stories and more than we shared the first time, but this time while the whole group was there. Once again these kids wanted  to experience the Kingdom of God encounters we talked about.

I felt led to tell them about the way the early Christians prayed;  standing with hands and eyes open, head and arms lifted up to heaven. When I prayed, just about all of them stood up and prayed in that position. It was absolutely beautiful to see ten to twelve-year-olds being so eager to experience the almighty God.