Courtney Cassidy – Treasure Hunting

3 March 2014

Riverwoods’ guest blogger, Courtney Cassidy, is an intern with Family Life Church in Elgin, Illinois. Through her internship she helps plan for Summer Camp 2014. Courtney has seen God move in her life and looks forward to what He will do in her future and the future of others.

On Friday, February 28 while I was working in the Riverwood’s office, Ben Shenkin (H.O.P.E Program Manager)  felt that God was telling us to go on a spiritual treasure hunt*. He asked me to pray about where we should go; when I did, Walmart kept coming up to mind.

As we drove over to Walmart, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray for the first mom we saw with a child. Sure enough, as soon as we walked into the store, there was a mom with her little girl. We approached her and asked if we could pray for her and what her name was. She told us her name was Shannon. After we asked Shannon for any prayer requests, she told us about how her life was falling apart. She was having financial issues which were taking a toll on her. Ben later asked if she had any physical problems and found out she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

After talking, we prayed for financial blessing and physical healing over her. I could feel the Spirit moving as we prayed. She was in tears in the middle of Walmart, but it didn’t bother her; as far as she was concerned, she was just crying out to her Father in heaven.

Once we finished praying, Ben blessed her by paying for some of her shopping items. It was amazing to see how much $7 impacted her. Overall, this was an awesome experience. It was a great confirmation of God’s leading to do a treasure hunt. God led us to just pray and encourage this woman. God is moving everywhere, even in the middle of Walmart.

* A spiritual treasure hunt is a form of evangelization where God speaks through prayer, reveals clues, and points to specific people to minister to