Running On Empty

8 March 2014

Sitting by a pool late into the evening, I curled up under my blanket and looked up at the stars. They shone brightly in comparison to the darkness, proclaiming their small yet significant existence. Staring into the sky and reflecting on this past week, I realized how much tougher life was getting, and it wasn’t going to get easier.

Growing up, I always looked for the easy way out of things. If I could avoid conflict and distract myself successfully, then I was okay. However, I fooled myself and didn’t realize the precious time I was wasting. Today, as I am given more responsibilities, I know that I cannot act irresponsibly anymore. Everyday I do what I can, but there’s something that I’ve been doing wrong; I’ve been relying on my own strength to get things done, and it’s wearing me out.

Just as a walkie-talkie cannot function without being charged, we humans cannot function effectively without God. For those of you who don’t know, walkie-talkies are crucial for running Riverwoods’ summer camp. It is what keeps leaders in constant communication. However, when someone forgets to charge their walkie-talkies, they rely on others to be updated, and this can lead to problems. In the same way, unless we acknowledge God as our ultimate strength, we will always be relying on the the wrong thing.

Because of Christ we are adopted children of God (Ephesians 1:5). We are Kingdom kids and need our Dad’s help. Although it’s difficult to accept, there is no way we can do things alone. Whenever we attempt to do things on our own, we set ourselves up for failure.

Naturally, we forget this truth because we are humans. When conflicts arise, we will attempt to control them, but this will only get us weary and tired. Life will get difficult, but we should do our best to remain connected to the One who gave it all. This reliance takes surrender; it takes perseverance.

However, despite the mistake of depending on myself, I see it as a lesson to be learned. If I don’t feel weakness, how will I know what God’s strength is? If I don’t feel broken, how will I experience healing? Although it sounds like I have it all together, I don’t. I’m still learning and practicing trusting in our Dad, the Creator of the universe.

Sitting under the bright stars of that night, curled up under my blanket, I was searching for something; I was searching for reassurance. I felt like a little girl hoping in something greater than herself, but that’s exactly what I am – a little girl, hoping in her heavenly Papa. Although I sometimes forget, God’s Spirit is always here, and He is willing to continually teach me how to hold on to Him.

I hope I have encouraged you. I hope God moves you, and I hope you remember how beloved you are; there is no need for you do things alone. It was never meant to be that way.